Choosing a Wedding Dress to match your Body Type

Published: 09th March 2011
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It is important to choose a wedding gown that accentuates and flatters your best features. This boils down to knowing your body type and choosing the type of Lace Wedding Dresses that suits you best. If you have a clear idea of the physique and what suits you, the wedding dress shopping experience will certainly be considered a relaxed affair.

Apple shaped bride: This shape is usually top heavy, using the torso being wider compared to lower body, that's "wider top and smaller bottom". Apples don't have a defined abdominal area and usually have large ample bosoms. If you're apple shaped, avoid halter and off the shoulder necklines that accentuate your shoulders and torso, you should rather choose a style that balances the proportion of your upper and lower body. Empire or 'A' line is the best style with this physique.

Pear shaped bride: This shape is generally heavier at the bottom and very petite at the top. It is characterized by a wider width of hips and bums along with a small waist with petite shoulders. If you're pear shaped, you need a wedding dress that balances your torso for your bust in addition to disguises your fuller hips. An ideal style of wedding dress for this physique is definitely an A-line princess wedding dress that draws attention to your petite torso and flows in a sleek line to shed weight your lower half. Another style that meets this body type may be the drop waist wedding dress style.

Column: This body shape is usually upright and down, with no or a slightly defined waist. The lower and torso tend to be more or minus the same width and it is a common shape amongst models. You can be a tall or a short column, but this body type is generally a slightly boyish or athletic figure. If you have the column shape, stay away from any empire line wedding dresses 2011 which will only make you look very upright and down. Rather choose elaborate ball gown wedding gowns that appear to be stunning with this body shape.

Hour glass figures: This physique is characterized by a small waist with bust and hips of the identical width that give that classic hour glass shape. Think Marilyn Monroe. You may be a petite slim hourglass or perhaps a voluptuous hourglass, however the small waist and defined curves is a main characteristic of this body type. If you have an hourglass figure, a wedding gown that accentuates your waist and showcases your curves is a preferred choice. Select a wedding dress having a corset to attract attention to your tiny waist and you will pull off ball gowns with cinched in waists and full skirts as well as the mermaid shaped dresses.

Bearing all this in mind, possess a great shopping experience.

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